First Visit

We at Weddle Orthodontics are always excited about meeting new child and adult patients during their first visit to our office!

During your initial visit you will receive a thorough examination to understand your orthodontic needs. The exam will be followed with a discussion of potential early or adult treatment options. It may be necessary to schedule a second exam that will include diagnostic records such as X-rays and photos and impressions required for study models.

Our objective on your first visit will be to determine long-term needs and goals for you and your child. During this time, one of three outcomes will be determined:

  • Treatment is required right away
  • No treatment is needed
  • Treatment will be necessary, but should be delayed. The deciding factors for a delay may include waiting for appropriate growth, tooth eruption or other factors that will be monitored and reconciled.

Because we want our patients to have a clear understanding of their specific needs, you will have the opportunity to talk with us about treatment options, length of treatment, specifics concerning the treatment as well as financial arrangements. Any questions you may have are encouraged, and our professional, certified Weddle Orthodontics staff is always available to address any concerns regarding your orthodontic care.